You've got the whole course, in your hand Reliable. Simple. Free. o o o o o

Features every Golf Course in the U.S.

Digital Fairways was designed to help golfers all over the U.S.

Multiplayer with live updates during play

Live scoring with up to 4 friends during your round of golf.

Overhead View GPS for each hole

Every holes par, yardage and an adjustable overhead view

Scorecard shows par and holes

Track all play history and scorecards

The most advanced golfing experience

Reliable. Simple. Free. Digital Fairways provides golfers an all-in-one app to track their shots, yardages, and keep score on more than 12,500 golf courses throughout the United States.

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Take advantage of the
new application

Access to more than 12,000 golf courses.

Easy-to-use scorecard for yourself or up to 4 players

Zoom in on detailed satellite imagery

Dynamic yardage and shot tracking

Walkie Talkie - Chat with your group on the course!

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